Dizzy Whiz – Louisville, KY

IMG_5146On the way home from the track, I was starving – the mozzarella and tomato sandwich from noon time was long gone.  As we were getting back on the road, I remember having seen the sign on I-65 for Dizzy Whiz (since 1947).  I searched for their address on my phone and we headed in that direction.  As we arrived, the first challenge was where to park.  I drove in on what appeared to be a one way road (the wrong way – no less) and all of the parking was in a lot behind the restaurant (there was no parking in front as the restaurant extended to the curb).  I had intended to run in and grab something, but since it was raining (again) and they did offer curb service, we pulled up underneath the awning. IMG_5147Reading about Dizzy Whiz on their web site, I couldn’t help but be impressed with the place – their 22 employees have almost 300 years of work experience there – quite a feat in this modern world, particularly in fast food. 

The server (the young lady in this photo) walked up to car to take our order.  Being oblivious to most things, I ordered a Whiz burger as I always do (ketchup, tomato and light mayo) and she asked, “so you don’t want the Whiz sauce?”  “What is Whiz sauce?”, I asked.  She described it as something close to tartar sauce.  I’d never heard of a burger with tartar sauce, nor was I sure that it sounded particularly great.  Jo, being a trooper, said she’d take the Whizz burger “as-is” and I ordered one without the odd sauce.  A few minutes later, the server brought out a bag, with coupons attached and a Diet Coke. IMG_5149When the bag was opened, there were two burgers wrapped in was paper, one of which was the Whizz Burger below

IMG_5150All I can say is that the addition of tartar sauce and thinly chopped lettuce to a cheese burger didn’t improve the burger, at least for me.   But the other burger, served on squishy white bread, did take the edge off of my headache.

Dizzy Whizz Drive-in on Urbanspoon

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