J. Graham’s (the Brown Hotel) – Louisville, KY

IMG_5083On Oaks Day, we found ourselves downtown just in time for lunch.  On all of my lists, the only food on any of them in Louisville itself was a “Hot Brown”.   What better place to sample this local treat than in the hotel that bears its name.  Originally created by Fred K. Schmidt in 1926, it is a variation on the Welsh rarebit (which I must admit, as a child I always assumed was a rabbit dish pronounced with an accent) and is composed of sliced turkey on white toast, covered in a mornay sauce (mmmmm.   Mornay sauce – the essence of croque monsieur), ham and slices of bacon.   When we arrived, around 1:30, there was not a table to be found, but as a result of judicious cajoling of the hostess by our host for the weekend, we waited about fifteen minutes and were taken to a table.  They were serving a buffet that looked promising, but we were there for the Hot Browns.   Three of the four of us ordered Hot Browns (two half orders and one full order)  IMG_5084Having eaten breakfast less than two hours before at the track, I didn’t think that I could eat an entire hot brown.   I ordered of the halves and was barely able to finish it.   IMG_4899They are, indeed, all that they are cracked up to be. 

J. Graham's Cafe on Urbanspoon

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