Rocks on the River – Savannah, GA


This lamp was above our table

As we were looking for a nice place for dinner, Jo was Facebooking with one of her friends about Savannah.  I heard what was written and thought that her friend suggested that we eat at Rocks on the River (in the Grand Bohemian).  I booked reservations and was feeling pretty good about myself.  As we walked into the lobby of the Grand Bohemian (which is a great looking hotel, by the way) from Bay Street, she said “I thought we were going to Vick’s.”   I explained that the FB message she read to me mentioned Rocks on the River.  She pointed out that it did, as a point of reference to get to the other place.  Doh!IMG_5960There are two “Rocks” restaurants in the Grand Bohemian – On the River, which is, literally, on the river, right on River Street and On the Roof, which is on the roof.  (I hope they didn’t pay much to the marketing company that came up with those names.)

We were seated at a table right next to the bar, near the river side of the restaurant.  The menu had a variety of choices, and I think we covered most of the bases.  Our oldest had their white pizza,IMG_5958a three cheese pie (mozzarella, asiago and parmesan) that had a near perfect texture.

Jo ordered a shrimp pasta dish,IMG_5959with locally made papardelle pasta, sauteed shrimp, roasted tomatoes, parmesan, basil and garlic.   It was, apparently, excellent as when the waiter came for the plates, this one didn’t look like it needed to be washed.  It was that clean. 

I ordered the osso bucco, IMG_5957a roasted veal shank served on a bed of corn mashed potatoes with bacon wrapped green beans and a veal reduction.  The first couple of bites of the veal were absolutely wonderful.  As I got toward the bottom of the dish, the meat got a little tougher, but this still was a good dish. 

Even though we ended up at a different place than was originally intended, we still enjoyed our dinner.
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