B Tillman (at Byrd Cookie Company) – Savannah, GA

IMG_5955Trolling Open Table looking for a place for lunch, one of the spots that came up was B Tillman.  From the urbanspoon page, I followed a link to a review in Connect Savannah about the recently revamped restaurant at Byrd Cookie Company.  They said that it was the “most cosmopolitan dining experience south of Derenne has ever seen.”  I didn’t really know where Derenne was, but got the gist that this was a nice place and wasn’t downtown.
Byrd Candy Company has been open for almost ninety years.  This restaurant for about a year.  The inside is hip, I’ll give it that.  There was a giant three-sided booth behind us that would easily hold ten.  The rest of the restaurant has  mix of booths and tables with an antique looking bar along the back wall.  The dining room is bisected by shelving, making the space more intimate. 

The menu wasn’t broad, but the CAB burger immediately caught my attention (fried green tomato, bacon and pimiento cheese on a burger around a half pound).  That was my order and was mirrored by my beloved.  IMG_5953

When it arrived, it looked like a great burger.  There was the issue of the undisclosed pickles (underneath the unmentioned lettuce).  But the real problem came when I sliced into it.  IMG_5954

I asked for my burger medium.  This was between medium well and well.  There wasn’t a hint of pink to be seen.   And the waiter was extremely difficult to track down after dropping off the plates.  The pimiento cheese was slightly sweet, but good. 

It tasted medium well, which means it didn’t taste much like beef.  On the other hand, Jo’s was well, as well, and she enjoyed it.  When the server reappeared, I showed him the burger and he apologized.  He offered to have them make me another, but we just didn’t have time.  He took it off the bill, and apologized. 

The service was spotty, timing-wise, but their heart seems to be in the right place.  I’d suggest it to someone looking for a place outside of downtown.  When I was  in a meeting later that afternoon, regaling them with my woeful tale of the previous night’s dinner, they told me that I ought to go to Byrd’s.  Turns out it was this place.  I guess it does hold promise.
B. Tillman on Urbanspoon

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