China Gate – Duluth, GA

20140116-123358.jpgIn my continuing exploration of near-work dining opportunities, today’s adventure took me to China Gate, in the shopping center just north of Mama’s Paradise.  Not only did the signs in the window (at least the ones that I could read) offer cell phone service and cracked smart phone screen repair, but I assumed they also served lunch.  I say “assumed” because there was that one time that I went to House of Jade to find that they were a Asian-community focused realtor…. 

But when I walked inside and saw the tables,

20140116-123409.jpgI was pleased that there was  lunch in my imminent future.  I started with one of the smallest bowls of hot and sour soup that I’ve ever been served (I put the folded $5 bill beside it to give a reference point). 20140116-123418.jpgBut it was hearty and meaty and spicy  – among the tastiest that I’ve had in a while.  I wish there had been more.  They served fat fried noodles with the soup, as opposed to the thin crispy lo mein noodles you often receive.  I actually prefer the former.  Hot and sour soup is the litmus test of a Chinese restaurant for me – they passed, with flying colors.  Should I return, I’ll order a large bowl (like the guy who was seated at the table next to me, as I was almost finished, did).

As I sat there, sipping soup, I could hear the young lady at the counter behind me taking carry-out and delivery orders and she was constantly on the phone.  I ordered the General Tso’s chicken.
The fried rice with the meal was unique, in that it appeared to have virtually no vegetables in it.   And the General Tso’s chicken appeared to be made from white meat chicken, which is not the norm.  The dish had a good bit of residual heat and was quite tasty as well.  I’ll have to go back and sample more of the menu.

China Gate Chinese on Urbanspoon

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