Sal’s Pizzeria – Dallas, GA

20140116-123837.jpgHeading to Wednesday night journey group and looking for something different for dinner (as we weren’t rushing for a change), we got into Dallas and hadn’t yet picked a place. Choices, rapidly, became limited, so we stopped at Sal’s Pizzeria in downtown D.

After deciding against pizza and on pasta, we placed our order. 20140116-123850.jpg

They started us with a basket of mini rolls that, had they approached warm, much less been hot, would have been wonderful. They were thick and doughy, bordering on the texture of a beignet.

Jo’s pasta came with a salad and I started with a pasta faziole that was close to the blandest thing I’ve ever eaten. I added pepper. I added salt. The one thing I couldn’t seem to add was flavor. I ordered the baked ziti,20140116-123904.jpgwhich I swear I had seen come out of the oven on a pizza stone. How half of the dish managed to be cold, I don’t understand. The only “hot spot” was at the very bottom of the middle. Tragically, the dish didn’t taste any better warm than it did cold. Jo ordered the eggplant parmigiana and asked for it crispy.20140116-123913.jpgBut it wasn’t crispy, it wasn’t warm and it wasn’t particularly good. The sauce on the pasta was bland as well. We generally like food, but this is how much was left when we ate all we could stomach:20140116-123926.jpgThank goodness that there was a Chick Fil A on the way home from group. On a side note, the waitress was very pleasant and very apologetic. It wasn’t her fault – she didn’t cook it.
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  1. Kaitlyn · · Reply

    I’ve been in Dallas 3 years, Paulding 5, and grew up in Marietta. Just found your blog and although some posts I disagree with I have to say Sal’s is always hit and miss. We usually order it delivery and it’s either delicious or disgusting. Never an in between. First two times we tried Sal’s we were happy and the last three times we might as well had gone to McD’s. I haven’t read all of your Dallas/Hiram section yet but if you haven’t tried Pizza Shack in Seven Hills I suggest going and getting their Philly Cheesesteak, best one in Paulding.

    1. I’m glad we agree on something. I guess we started with a “miss”. We’ll have to try the Pizza Shack. Thanks for the tip.

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