Brown Bag Deli & Cafe – Suwanee, GA

20140324-130803.jpgOut roaming on my own again at lunch time, I headed up to Suwanee Town Center, thinking that there must be a couple of places there that I had not yet tried.  One of the first “new-to-me” places I saw was Brown Bag Deli & Cafe and my decision was made.  I parked in front of the now-closed Uptown Grill and walked back down to the Brown Bag.  Entering, there is a counter to the left, with a dessert case, and seating in the right half of the restaurant.  20140324-130821.jpgThe menu has some pre-designed sandwiches, along with a build-your-own section.  They have a wide choice of breads (ciabatta, country white, sourdough, herb or spinach tortilla wrap, multigrain, marble rye or a sub roll), and I ordered a Big Brown Club (ham, turkey, roast beef and American instead of Swiss cheese) on sourdough.

I made it into a combo (chips / potato salad / cole slaw, yogurt / a big pickle and a soft drink), paid my $10.00+, took my number (6) and grabbed a table.   As I sat there, I noticed that it was decorated very much like a coffee house , down to the designs on the seat backs (steaming coffee cups), with paneling, a fire place and art for sale on the walls.20140324-130840.jpgA few minutes later, the sandwich arrived.  It was a perfectly fine sandwich.  But this meal really came down to value, begging the real question: “was this sandwich 150% better than a subway value meal?”   (That’s what the cost ratio was).  The answer is “no”.  It’s a glorified sandwich and a bag of chips, same as you can get dozens of other places, most cheaper.
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