Cafe 49 – Duluth, GA


In another episode in what has apparently become a continuing quest for a good sandwich, today I went to Café 49.  I had eaten here several years ago, when it was called Magnolia’s on a fairly regular basis.  Inside, it hasn’t changed much since then, except there is a coat of nondescript brown paint on all of the walls.  And the men’s room was in need of repairs: the sink was separated from the wall and there was a hole behind the door where the door handle had gone through the sheetrock, covered with a plastic plate that wasn’t quite big enough.

I ordered a sandwich, chips and a drink, gave them my name and took a seat.  As I sat, I saw that the place was fairly full, and people kept coming in. In retrospect, something must been better than my sandwich was, and from the look of things it was the salads.  Most folks had salads and they were served in huge bowls (I did not, however, see the contents of a salad bowl). 


My sandwich was, however, normally sized and nondescript.  A turkey and ham club, with bacon and cheese on grilled sourdough, with an undersized bag of potato chips.

As much as I lambast subway, they really do offer a good value.

Cafe 49 (formerly Magnolia Bakery Cafe) on Urbanspoon



  1. That’s a really sad looking sandwich. 😦

    1. It tasted as sad it looks.

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