Malson’s Original World Famous Bar-B-Q – Kingsland, GA


Heading south from Brunswick back to the Jacksonville airport down I-95, we were looking for a spot for dinner.  I’d originally Googled and found a place called Willi Jewels Old School Barbecue in Kingsland, and we were heading in that direction.  As we headed east on State 40 my co-pilot said, “there’s a barbecue place right there”.  I looked to the right, saw the smoke and made quick turn at the next red light. We pulled up in front of Malson’s Original World Famous Barbecue to see two men standing out front waiting for their food.  And there was a lady working the smoker to the left of the building.   We went to take a look at it, after we ordered, and I saw that they were serious about barbecue as they had their name on their smoker. 20140527-075857-28737680.jpg

As this was one of those trips where we seemed to eat every two hours, we sampled just a few items between us – I ordered a brisket sandwich, my cohort ordered a pulled pork sandwich and we split one of the smoked sausages.



I was surprised when I opened the Styrofoam container to see the sauce: a vinegar and mustard-based sauce with a little bit of sweetness to it.  It wasn’t like a typical mustard sauce of North Carolina, nor like most Georgia sauces.  The brisket was stringy, but good, and the pork had a nice smokiness about it, both served on hamburger buns.  It was definitely serviceable barbecue, but I’m unsure what makes it world famous. 

I was intrigued by the chalkboard sign that said “super moist chocolate or strawberry cake – $1.00 per slice”, so I ordered a slice of strawberry. 


While I could not resist, retrospectively, I should have.  It was a slice of the strawberry bundt cake from Target or Walmart  – definitely nothing to write home about.

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