Huey Luey’s – Hiram, GA


About once a month, or more frequently, we end up at Huey Luey’s Fine Mexican Food, in Hiram.  This has been an going affair for the last three or four years.  I, honestly, couldn’t believe that I hadn’t written a post about this place.   There is so much that is not like a standard strip-mall Mexican restaurant, but the things that stand out the most are the freshness of the food and the quality of the service.  I can’t think of a time that we’ve been in when one of the managers did not stop by our table during a meal – some times to ask how things were, or to refill a drink or to bring more chips or salsa.  They really seem to care about the quality of your visit. 

The chips are hot and thin, they bring you a bowl for each person and a container of salsa to pour from, and the salsa is really good, although heavy on the cilantro.  My beloved generally goes with one of two dishes – a big bowl of their chicken tortilla soup (which is great for carry-out) or one of the fajita options.  On this day, she had the shrimp fajitas with black beans.


The fajitas are sizzling when they come to the table, as you would expect at most places, but the beans and rice are just as hot.  The meal is usually served with charro beans, although you can also get frijoles or black beans.  This is a plate full of food. 

I usually choose a fried brisket and refried bean chimichanga, with refried beans and lots of cheese and onions,

and a guacamole salad (you can get ’em at the LaSalle Hotel, in old downtown).  This is more food than I need to eat in any given meal, but I, as most always, clean my plate, leaving just a bit of pico de gallo and an empty bowl. 

And Huey Luey’s always seems to be busy.  But the service is fast, so the wait is never too long.  And for days when I can’t bring myself to drive in town to Nuevo Laredo, it is, by far, the best Mexican food that you’ll find in the western suburbs.
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  1. Am I the only one who got the reference to Lyle’s This Old Porch (or The Front Porch Song if REK is singing it) ? I stayed in the LaSalle Hotel once. Next time you’re in bryan you should too.

    1. I do. And I put that in there, humming the version from the first live album. …with ice tea and a waitress that’ll smile every time. You know she will. I left a quarter tip, on a ten dollar bill

  2. Wow. There’s one in Acworth as well. I never went because it looked like another el-this-los-that place and we’d drive past twelve of those to get to Huey’s. Sounds like I really missed out. We got in the habit of going to Chuy’s for our chips-n-salsa fix and that’s pretty good, but this seems like it’s a good deal better.

    1. I like it better than Chuy’s. It’s not as authentic as Nuevo, but the food tastes really good – like I remember Rio Bravo doing before it closed forever and then reopened. I almost used your el-this-los-that type description in my post.. I’m fond of that and Happy Golden China Buddha Dragon.

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