This Little Piggy Bar B Q – Macon, GA


After stopping at Furniture Liquidators in Forsyth (a great place to find furniture – they buy out hotels that are being renovated and resell those pieces at reasonable prices), we saw the sign for This Little Piggy Bar B Q.  They were about to open as we drove by, so after a fruitless visit to Furniture Liquidators, we drove back.  I thought I would run in, grab a sandwich to go and start this trip off right.  Jo waited in the car while I ran inside. Not eating lunch “in” turned out to be a good choice for a couple of reasons:

  • They were a Pepsi shop;
  • It was, technically, early for lunch and I had another stop planned; and
  • It would not have passed my bride’s “baseline” for places in which we eat “in”.


I ordered a sandwich from the very unhappy man behind the counter and looked around for sauce options.  There was only one.  Rarely is this the best of signs.  Getting in the car, I opened the bag to find this medium-warm mess of a sandwich.


For a sandwich that was served so “wet”, it was incredibly dry.  I ate about a third and I was done.  The sauce was vinegary and nothing special. 

When I looked them up to write this, apparently few go for the barbecue.  Most every Yelp review raved about either the pork chop or the fried catfish.   Now I know.  Maybe one day, I’ll give one of those a try – I wouldn’t go back for the barbecue.

This Little Piggy Bar B Q on Urbanspoon

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