Thai Mango – Hiram, GA


Since  our first visit to  Thai Mango, back in September, we’ve eaten there a dozen times or more, and introduced friends and family.  A relatively new entrant to the Hiram dining scene, it’s located on the east end of the Hiram retail corridor as you head west on 278 toward the intersection with Highway 92, and so unexpected in its presence that you may drive past it and make a U-turn.  In those dozen visits (including carryout) we have yet to be disappointed.  The volume of other customers has increased steadily over our visits and they look to be doing fairly good business.


The menu is filled with pages of options and we’ve had the chance to experience enough of it to end up with favorites.  We generally start with pan-seared (you can also get them baked or fried) pot stickers,


filled with chicken and vegetables and served with a soy-based dipping sauce.  They are quite tasty and the pan-searing, in deference to having them fried, is a nod to “healthy” eating <g>.  On our first visit, Jo ordered the shrimp and chicken pad thai.


Since then she’s had shrimp pad thai and chicken pad thai and chicken and shrimp pad thai – she has found her groove.  And one time chicken pad prikh king which I brought home by mistake….  On the first visit, I went with the penang curry chicken.   The server asked how hot I wanted it (from 1 – 5), so I ordered a “4” and it wasn’t very spicy.  On the next visit, I took it up to a “5” and it wasn’t much hotter, so I asked the server about that and she said, “Oh! You want THAI hot!”


Apparently, they have two different scales – one for those of us not raised on Thai food and one for those that were.  It turned out that I did not want it “Thai hot”, which is much closer to 15 than 6, on the 1-5 scale.   I’ve settled on half-way between 5 and “Thai hot” and it’s perfectly spicy.  And I alternate between the panang (bell peppers, green beans, onions and basil leaves with panang curry sauce), yellow (onions, carrots and potatoes in yellow curry sauce) and shu she (coconut milk, bell peppers and shu she curry sauce) curries and drunken noodles.  The food is tasty.  The restaurant is clean.  The service is courteous, quick and consistently good.  

We’ve found a new local favorite.

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  1. Very interesting review. We ate there three times: shortly after they opened, then a few weeks later then again a few weeks after that. Each meal was less impressive than the previous, though the owner Thai staff we’re delightful. On the last visit though, the large local waitress reeked of cigarettes and her service was pathetic, all though more so because we were the only one in the restaurant yeah she ignored us, forgot our silverware, forgot my tea, and brought our appetizer along with the main meal, and was generally indifferent to us. I think paying $13 for a watery bowl of soup with virtually no meat in it was the final straw. We found the prices too high for the portions —and we are not large eaters. The spice was as you mentioned nonexistent. And the diversity of the menu was poor for a Thai place, but pretty much the usual for Paulding — a county where they regularly put the word “heaping” in the menu descriptions. But, I haven’t been back in 9 months so I’ll give it another try with fingers crossed.

    1. We haven’t been back in a while, as Shabu has replaced Thai as a frequent menu choice. But we never had an issue with the size of the dinner portions. Service could be spotty based on who was working.

  2. Thanks for blogging this. Please stop by and say hi next time you are in!

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