Chai Pani – Decatur, GA

Every since the visits to Bojhanic and Cardamom Hill, I knew that the next time that we went out for Indian, Chai Pani would be the place.  Originally opening in Asheville in 2009 (thinking back three or four years, I remember having Chai Pani recommended to me by a vegetarian friend of mine), a couple of years back they decided to open a location in Atlanta – and the Decatur location has done a roaring business ever since.  They, like Currylicious in Duluth, serve Indian street food – or chaat.  And we all know that


 The sign above, which is on the exit door, sets the tone.  I love the way this place looks.  The colors are vibrant and there are some fabulous photos decorating the walls. Check out the mural behind the bar, which was directly to the right of our table.


As if often the case when I get over excited about a new restaurant , we (I) ordered too much food.  We started with chicken pakoras.


Think of the best, freshest chicken bites that you’ve ever eaten, then imagine them battered with curried chickpeas.  And served with green chutney and sweet yogurt.   I’ve always thought that my favorite Indian street dishes was Chicken 65, but these pakoras top them.   We also ordered bhel puri,


a dish of puffed rice, flour crisps, crunchy chickpea noodles, cilantro and onions, tossed with tamarinds and green chutney.

Most of the folks around us, seemed to be having these two appetizers for their meal.   Jo ordered the chicken and IMG_9485

I had one of the thalis.  IMG_9486


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