Maison Robert Fine Chocolates – Chamblee, GA

When we went to dinner on New Years Eve at Union Hill, I had noticed Maison Robert Fine Chocolates, just down the street.  That night, I had remembered that a friend had told me how good their macaroons were, particularly the coconut ones.  So after an afternoon shopping on Chamblee’s “Antique Row”, we stopped in shortly before they closed on this Saturday afternoon.  We were greeted by this selection of chocolates,


and a cabinet full of pastries.  


We were a couple of weeks ahead of Valentine’s Day, so I queried if my bride needed any chocolate.  The answer was “no”, but we did end up with four macaroons,


raspberry, pistachio, lemon and lime (clockwise, from top left), which made it all the way to the parking lot of the Buford Highway Farmers Market (our next stop) before being devoured.

Granted that they did not have the coconut macaroons on the day that we visited (this doesn’t matter to me as I’m not nuts about coconuts), but I prefer the bite-sized delights from Douceur de France when I need to macaroon.  

Maison Robert Fine Chocolates on Urbanspoon

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