Little’s Food Store – Atlanta, GA

Today, after another heartbreaking GT basketball loss, I needed comforting.  I chose to seek solace in a burger and, as I had been wanting to go to Little’s Food Store for a while – this was the perfect confluence of “need” and opportunity.  This little grocery and grill in Cabbagetown has received recent press when it was written up in one of the sidebar articles in the Atlanta Magazine burger issue.  Several of the city’s best known burger chefs declared Little’s as their go-to-burger when they needed something “in a pinch”. 

One of the biggest challenges with Cabbagetown dining is the parking – that’s why many of the restaurants seem to be neighborhood joints.  Parking is only along the street and fairly sparse. If you go, be prepared to park a block, or more, away and walk.

Looking back out the front door, waiting on our burgers

Looking back out the front door, waiting on our burgers

Little’s kitchen is truly a kitchen in a grocery and food store – they have fresh produce, beer and wine, dairy and dry goods, a deli and dry goods.  They even had candy cigarettes for sale behind the counter.  For the “eating” part, you place your order at the same register where you pay for your groceries and, then, seating is available along the counter and along the wall.


IMG_9658We arrived shortly after a rush, according to the young lady who took our order, but there was only one man sitting at the counter awaiting his order when we stepped up to the counter.  After taking a quick look at the menu (the menu had four versions of burgers, along with Sabrett’s hot dogs and sandwiches), we both decided on the burger basket, proudly displayed on the sign.  In the interest of full disclosure – I don’t think that Jo even knew that there was a menu.


Imagine what a Krystal would taste like if it was actually good. You’re now describing this burger.  Two two-ounce patties fried, with crispy edges, on the griddle, topped with caramelized onions, pickles and yellow mustard.  The “basket” adds house made fries to that and, for $5.99 each, we had lunch.  The burger was good, as were the fries, but if you were hungry, I’d suggest that you go with a larger burger (or maybe two of these). 

I didn’t recall, until I was writing this blog entry, that over at Marie Let’s Eat, they had raved about the onion rings.  I don’t care for them, but I wish I had remembered to mention them to my beloved.

Little's Food Store on UrbanspoonIMG_9662

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