El Rey Del Taco – Doraville, GA


On this Saturday of wandering around town, we found ourselves on the northern perimeter as my stomach began to rumble.  I had just seen an article on Eater Atlanta about the best tacos in town and remembered that we were near El Ray Del Taco and the destination was set.   Their al pastor tacos were on that list and the restaurant was also on my list – a double winner.


We were seated in the corner of, what was when we arrived, an empty restaurant – while we were there it filled to near capacity.  While we perused the large menu, Jo snapped the above photo of the inside of the restaurant.   As loud as the picture makes the decor look, would you believe that the music playing through the overhead speaker was even louder?  This is a place that is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 am (and 6:00 on Saturday and Sunday).  I can only imagine how loud it gets between midnight and closing.  We ordered some guacamole to start (which I failed to photo), and combined that with the tabletop salsas for a good start.  Jo wasn’t as hungry as I, so she ordered two small chicken tacos,


which were served “street taco” style, with cilantro and onions.  We also ordered a side of rice and beans to share


and there was plenty of that for two.   I ordered a couple of tacos, on their house-made flour tortillas (these are a small up-charge from the purchased house-made flour tortillas),


one with goat barbacoa and the other with al pastor pork.  These were good tacos, the al pastor being the better of the two.  I wouldn’t hesitate to stop in if I was near there looking for tacos, but I wouldn’t make the drive across town.
Taqueria El Rey Del Taco on Urbanspoon

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