Stone Soup Kitchen – Atlanta, GA

Another place from the original “list” (from August of 2006) gets a check mark in the box next to it, with a visit to Stone Soup Kitchen.  Located off Boulevard, near 20, it’s not a “drive-by” opportunity on most occasions.  Coupling that with my fear that, like every other breakfast place near there (Ria’s Bluebird Cafe, Home Grown, Folk Art), the wait would be ridiculously long on Saturdays, we’ve never made it.  Today, on Memorial Day Sunday, and heading over between brunch and lunch, I though that we might fare better.


And we did.  Arriving shortly before noon, the wait wasn’t too long (5 minutes?) and we were seated at a table for two along the interior wall that fronts the kitchen.  Not wanting to make the mistake of “shorting” my mate on breakfast, I figured we were safe with here – they were serving both breakfast and lunch, at this time of day.  One of the pleasant surprises on the menu is their serving of a “lonely” pancake or slice of French toast.   Sometimes you want a pancake, but not “pancakes” and they recognize that.  That allowed me to get a lonely blueberry pancake,


along with biscuits and gravy, served with two eggs, bacon and a side of poblano cheese grits.


The pancake was light and fluffy and hot enough to quickly melt the butter I slathered it with.  The gravy was tasty, with a good mix of herbs.  But neither the gravy, nor the heavy biscuit with it, were hot.   Not even warm.   The bacon, however, was the star of this side of the table.  So wonderful that I flagged the server down to find out where they sourced it.  And I was thrilled to find that it was North Country brand, fruit smoked, and was available at Whole Foods.   What a great find.  (In Googling it, I see they were named one of the 10 best bacons by Men’s Health).  I could buy into that.


Jo ordered huevos rancheros and a lonely piece of French toast.  The toast was made with bread pudding and a pecan struesel topping and served with bananas and blueberries.  Other than remembering to order the huevos fried well, she really enjoyed her breakfast.  The french toast was really bread pudding, the edges were crispy and she really liked the strusesel – “it was a win-win”.  

All in all, a very nice breakfast and a place to which I would readily return, particularly if meeting a vegetarian friend – they had a great selection of vegetarian (and gluten-free) items.

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