Atlanta Magazine’s Top Twenty Burgers for 2015 – a Summary




Pinewood Tippling Room











Back in January of this year (2015), Atlanta Magazine published their list of the twenty best burgers in Atlanta.  We’ve made an effort to get to any of these that we hadn’t already had and have five left, as of this morning.   I’ve listed the twenty below and hyperlinked the blog entry about each burger, where there is one: 

  1. Bones
  2. Bocado (we ate here before I started blogging, we will get back, but you can taste this burger – same chef, new place – at Fred’s Meat and Burgers, in Krog Street Market)
  3. The Optimist
  4. Miller Union
  5. Holeman and Finch Public House
  6. The Albert
  7. H Harper Station
  8. Steinbeck’s
  9. One Eared Stag (we’ve had the burger, but after the blog entry was written)
  10. Shake Shack
  11. Pinewood Tippling Room – the bacon MADE this burger
  12. The Shed at Glenwood
  13. The General Muir
  14. Little’s Food Store
  15. Muss & Turner’s
  16. Wrecking Bar Brewpub
  17. US Cafe (this entry is in draft mode)
  18. OK Cafe
  19. The Earl
  20. Grindhouse Killer Burgers 

You can read any of the reviews at the links, but if I was doing the ranking, I’d agree with Bones, but follow it with Miller Union, then One Eared Stag, the Optimist and Bocado rounding out the top 5.   There’s one burger still on my list, that’s not on this one – the burger at Kevin Rathbun Steak.   We’ll get there soon and see where it falls my ranking.

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