Atlanta Magazines 50 Best Restaurants in Atlanta

Atlanta Magazine just named the 50 best restaurants in Atlanta (see their article here). Below are links to our thoughts on 43 of them (with two more in draft mode), in case you want differing opinions.

  1. Cakes & Ale
  2. Tomo
  3. Restaurant Eugene
  4. Atlas
  5. Aria
  6. Gunshow
  7. Boccaluppo
  8. Little Bacch
  9. The General Muir
  10. Bones
  11. Miller Union
  12. Bacchanalia
  13. Kevin Rathbun Steak (coming soon)
  14. Cooks & Soldiers
  15. No. 246
  16. Kyma
  17. The Optimist – one and two
  18. Masterpiece
  19. Watershed on Peachtree
  20. Seed Kitchen & Bar
  21. One Eared Stag
  22. Table & Main
  23. Revival 
  24. The Hill
  25. Vingenzo’s
  26. 4th & Swift
  27. Craft Izakaya 
  28. Antico Pizza Napoletana
  29. Yet Tuh
  30. Le Fat
  31. Local Three
  32. Chai Pani
  33. Empire State South 
  34. Taqueria del Sol
  35. Kimble House
  36. Community Q BBQ 
  37. Muss & Turner’s
  38. Busy Bee 
  39. Breakers Korean BBQ 
  40. Homegrown GA
  41. Greenwood’s on Green Street (we ate there, pre-blogging.  Guess we need to go back!)
  42. Rumi’s Kitchen
  43. Desta Ethiopian Restaurant
  44. Nam Phuong
  45. Heirloom Market BBQ
  46. Madras Mantra 
  47. Myung Ga Wong
  48. Gio’s Chicken Amalfitano
  49. Mamak
  50. Bell Street Burritos (we ate there, pre-blogging.  Guess we need to go back!)

And that’s a wrap…. These date back over the last four years or so.  I thought someone might find our takes on these of interest.

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