Cuban Delights 

Months back, I saw a sign, on the side of truck, parked on the side of the road, as I was heading up 278 from Dallas saying “Cuban Food”.  My immediate thought was “where?”  Then, several months later I decided to  turn down the road and look for it and there it was, on the back side of the building – Cuban Delights.  But they were closed on the day that I went back (seems like it was a Sunday) and I promptly forgot about it.  With a work-at-home-Monday lunch date with my beloved, we headed up there to give it a try.

In talking with the owner, who was very chatty, when he wasn’t on the phone, we learned that they are in the process of moving to another location.  At that time, it was either going to be next to the Goodwill in Hiram, or to the Happy Hawg Barbecue spot on Highway 92.  We’ve since learned that it will be the Happy Hawg, as they are moving to the location formerly housed by Jalapeno Joe’s.  Good luck to Cuban Delight as nothing has lasted terribly long in that spot, at the intersection of Ridge Road and Highway 92 – but I would think that the traffic would have to be higher than where it is now.

He also told us that his wife was from Miami (he was as New Jersey as I am Georgia) and that she wanted to open a Cuban place on the west side of Atlanta.  I was excited to give it a try as there is nothing quite as good as a good Cuban sandwich.  In our household, there’s a debate about where you can get the best Cubano – I’m a fan of Havana Sandwich Shop, while my youngest daughter is more partial to Papi’s.  So I ordered the litmus test for a Cuban restaurant – the cubano with yellow rice and black beans.

The sandwich was flat, above all else.  I’ve never had one that was quite as compacted.  It would make a panini look thick.  It was lacking on the pork, which led to lacking in overall flavor – and likely contributed to the thinness.  The rice was good, the black beans were kind of flat tasting, too.   We may have to try dinner, once they move, before declaring a final opinion.

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