Stilesboro Biscuits – Kennesaw, GA 

A few months ago, one of the fellows at a bluegrass jam mentioned that there was a Saturday morning jam at Stilesboro Biscuits.  I had never heard of the place and put it in the back of my head for later.  Several weeks later, I asked him about it again and he said that the jam wasn’t always there, but the biscuits were – and they were really good.  They are only open Wednesday – Saturday 7:00-11:30, so as we were heading to Woodstock on this Saturday morning, we stopped in. 

When we got there at 10:00, the line was out the door.  While we waited we asked the folks around us for their thoughts.  The general consensus was “show up early if you don’t want to wait” and “even if you do have to wait, it’s worth it”.  

Business was booming and when we did get inside, we continued to stand in line. Granted, I love quirky places, but this place just seemed inefficient.  The owner flitted around and orders were not consistently taken.  There was lots of conversation at the counter as orders were being taken – like a waitress chatting at a table.  That doesn’t work well in a counter-service environment, particularly when you’ve got a crowd. They may have been attempting to be friendly / homey, but it was just slow.  

I ordered a sausage  and gravy biscuit,

which I enjoyed.  It had large chunks of sausage and the gravy was good.  The biscuit underneath was fairly flaky.  I also discovered “Hotter” Texas Pete’s Hot Sauce, on the table, which I put on my biscuit.  And I’ve been looking for it in the stores ever since – to put it in our fridge.  

My beloved ordered a bacon egg and cheese biscuit.  

The bacon was thick (which better suited me than her – luckily, I had ordered a side of bacon – she likes bacon thin and crispy) and her biscuit was not thick and flaky.  It was like the biscuits had been made by a different person. 

We also ordered a cinnamon roll (which was recommended to us by a couple of folks in line).  This was actually a biscuit topped with cinnamon roll glaze.  It was interesting. 

Overall, the breakdast was fine, but fairly pricy.  The above, plus a Diet Coke was $20.00. 

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