Thank U Chicken – Duluth, GA

Thank U Chicken appeared out of nowhere (to me) on the Garden ‘N Gun Fried Chicken Bucket List.  And it’s just down the road from the office.  A lunch visit was definitely in order.  

I went in on a rainy Thursday, and appeared to be the first person in the restaurant.  I knew I was there for the Korean fried chicken (KFC to those, unlike me, who are “in the know”) – I just didn’t know “how” I’d try it.   The menu had all kind of options, but the server, in her sailor suit, suggested the chicken and waffle.   So that was it.  

The salad and pickled daikon arrived first.   And that daikon sat there…  until the chicken came out.

The chicken had a crispy skin that shattered when you put a fork to it.  I chose a half chicken on this first visit.  The onion rings, potato chips and corn salad were an odd side for breakfast.  I’ve been back a couple of times, since this first visit, and the sides with the chicken & waffles have morphed and most recently include “cold cheese corn” (that’s what it now says on the menu),  some REALLY well done fried rice and a salad. 

And on the most recent visit, I chose sweet chili flavored boneless chicken thighs, as opposed to the bone-in chicken.  This sauce was the perfect mix of sweet and spicy, but it did detract some from the crispy skin on the chicken.   And I’m kind of getting hooked on the cold cheese corn.  It is aptly named, if nothing else. 

I also had an order of the rice balls, served with dipping sauces of pink mayo, brown soy and garlic and sweet chile.

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