Mia’s Bar & Grill and Cafe Wing Max – Hiram, GA

On a Sunday evening, I was looking for dinner near the house and thought that I might try something new.  I had seen several folks talking about places for wings in Hiram or Dallas, on “the Facebook”, and (I vaguely remember) several folks talked about Cafe Wing Max, in the Academy Sports shopping center.  This wing spot shares a common kitchen and menu (and owner) with Mia’s Bar, next door (I did not visit the bar side, so I can’t comment on that).  Cafe Wing Max was fairly empty when I arrived, with one young lady working the counter and handling the tables.  She was very pleasant and was attentive enough.

I ordered 10 wings, hot, and a basket of french fries.  The fries arrived first.

These were frozen food service fries (as opposed to fresh cut), which isn’t the worst thing.  But they weren’t crispy – that can really make a difference with pre-made fries, in my book.  I’ve read in several comments that they tend to deliver the fries (or tots – how did I forget that they had tots and order fries?  What a rookie mistake!) first.  I don’t know the reasoning there. 

By the time the fries cooled off, the wings arrived.

The wings were (heat) hot, although I would have expected that for as long as they seemed to take.  Quite a while after the fries.  They were meaty.  They weren’t heavy on vinegar or heavy on cayenne, but there were some heavy spice there.  That’s two pluses and a neutral, but they just weren’t very good.  Looking at the Yelp reviews, that seems to be a common theme.  The average rating there was 2.5 stars – which may average high, as several said they wanted to give them zero stars, but it wasn’t possible.  Maybe the folks on Facebook were talking about somewhere else.
Cafe Wing Max Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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