Blakely Chicken – Blakely, GA


This story is probably best told as the fried-chicken-that-almost-got-away. Camping over in Eufala, we were as close as we were going to be, in the forseeable future, to Blakely Chicken – within an hour’s drive. It had hit my radar in an article in Garden n Gun with this quote from Linton Hopkins:

“If we follow the original definition of a three-star restaurant set by Guide Michelin—that it is an establishment worth a special journey—then Blakely is worthy of those three stars!  Crisp skin and cravable flavor in an authentic place.”

I looked on line and saw that they were open until 11:00 and we headed east.  Arriving around 3:30, the walk-up only restaurant looked dead.  No signs of life, whatsoever. Dejected, I went back to the car and looked it up on my phone.  Open until 11:00.  What the heck?

So we started driving toward Dothan and my dear wife said, “what’s that?”

Next door, there was an almost brand new Blakely Chicken – it has been open since last November.  The sign on the door read,

Same good cookin’, just better lookin’

We turned around, parked and walked up to the counter.

Looking at the choices on the menu, I decided on a three piece and my beloved chose a two piece.  The young lady taking our orders wrote them, with a sharpie, on the boxes.

Still carry out only, we took seats at the picnic table out front.  Here’s the delivery – very similar to that at Chicken Delite in Ocialla: a box, lined with wax paper with the chicken and a small bag of fries inside.

Check out that skin!

The chicken was hot, the skin was crispy (like cornbread batter) and the breast meat was tender and moist – difficult to achieve.  The wings were delightfully crispy – we could have eaten a box of those, alone.

Mr Hopkins was dead on, as you would expect of a man who makes his own excellent fried chicken, at Hop’s.  Definitely worth the drive.  Crazy how we almost missed it…

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  1. Dee Amaker · · Reply

    Thankful for the two deceased owners that gave us a place to eat. When we visit Blakely we always take chicken back to Atlanta. I love those lil corn balls with the chicken. My daddy passed in Atl and as I was giving the nurse the information for his body to be taken back to Blakely she got so excited because she said everytime she goes to Florida her family always stop for Blakely’s chicken. Carry on.

  2. Not the same as it was in old building. Heard restaurant was sold but recipe was kept. Do not go there anymore. I use to drive there over thirty miles from Dothan,Al. No more.

  3. We frequent Blakley Chicken (Mr. Chicks) when ever we visit relatives and while I attended high school in one of the nearby counties. We were used to the small drive up hut staffed by several mature and polite ladies. It was nice to see that they expanded and have a bon-i-fide restaurant. I attended my cousin’s funeral on July 3, 2018 and prior to our departure we visited the restaurant for our favorite comfort food (Chicken)!!! I walked thru the side entrance and came to the counter. There were two ladies preparing an order. They did not greet me, and their backs were turned for at least 3 minutes before the younger lady came to the register. I asked for 24 chicken wings. The young lady replied; “24 wings? You must like wings’” I said yes. The price is listed but for some reason she did not comprehend or acknowledge the price listing or how to impute the order. The other lady came to the register and for some reason did not know how to input the order. Several minutes later the light bulb comes on and they communicate the order to the cook. He had a strange look on his face, so I said please and thank you. He had to cook the chicken. I went out the restaurant to organize the vehicle for the trip home. We departed, and I tasted one of the wings and noticed that it was a little salty, but I ignored it. We let the chicken cool and noticed that all the chicken was salty to the extreme. We thru the chicken out in Tifton. I spent a little over $40 for the order. We were polite but received poor service and food quality. How dare this man (The cook) think it is ok to purposely over season food! I think the owners should restaff and retrain. Please look forward to a visit from the health board. What you did was not funny, and you will not have the last laugh.

    1. Sorry to hear of your experience.

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