Dyer’s Burgers – Memphis, TN

Dyer’s Burgers has been on my list since the beginning of the predecessor to this blog – arising out of my fascination with the first edition of George Motz’s Hamburger America (I’ve just ordered the third version, which was published earlier this year and will be in the mailbox when we get back from this trip).  In the first incarnation of the book, it was the 100 best burgers in the country (now numbering 200), according to George, and I built a list, in my phone, from that book of places that I wanted to visit.  That “list” is the “burgers” in my blog’s name.

The burgers at Dyer’s are rolled into patties, then dropped into oil that’s been in constant use since 1912.  The grease is drained each day and new oil is added often.  But when the restaurant has moved, the grease has moved with them, with police escort.  They’ve gone through several locations before settling on Beale Street, but they believe that the grease they use today contains some molecules of Elmer Dyer’s original grease.  They come in singles, doubles and triples, with and without cheese and are typically topped with mustard, onion and pickles.

I went with a single with cheese, and held the onions and pickles.  The combo added fries, which were thin cut and fried to a crunchy crust with a soft center, and tea.  This burger was fried perfectly (they apparently know what they are doing – after 100 years they should) and the cheese melted the bun to the burger. It definitely is a classic.   For good measure, I also ordered a fried bologna sandwich.

with which they also brought (unordered) fries.  This bologna was griddled, not pan fried and thick cut.  And tasty, with a just a bit of mustard on the bun.  You know, I think I’ve actually eaten more bologna this month than I have in the last year.  Maybe there’s a trend there…

Dyer's Burgers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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