The Liquor Store – Memphis, TN

We received a supplemental magazine in the mail with our monthly Atlanta Magazine that highlighted some spots around the South, with an eight page spread on Memphis.  My dear wife found a picture of a breakfast, served at the Liquor Store, and suggested to me that we might want to check it out. In town for a conference that started at noon, we had time for breakfast and we headed in that direction.  Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner (most days – no dinner on Sunday and Monday) they’ve been open since 2017 serving breakfast all day in a Latin-flavored, diner-inspired retro-cool space.

The tables and bar harken back to the middle of the last century (or to a tiki bar), with rattan and tropical prints and the idea that the three reference points in life should be Hawaii, Acapulco and Tahiti.

We were there for breakfast, so we focused on the breakfast menu, although I, honestly, likely would have focused on that part of the menu, regardless of the time of day we were eating there.  My beloved chose their breakfast hash, which was comprised of super foods – sweet potatoes, spinach and caramelized onions, topped with soffrito, fried eggs and your choice of breakfast meat (including a veggie sausage option).  She chose to top hers with Wright’s bacon (I might have gone with the Latin pork), but

I also had the same bacon in my breakfast sandwich, and it was excellent.  I was not aware of Wright’s as a purveyor of bacon, but I’ll add it to my bacon pantheon of Nueske’s, Nagel’s and Benton’s.  It was really good bacon.

The biscuit was whole wheat, which was unexpected but not a bad choice.  I would normally have gone with the biscuits and gravy, but the gravy was described as “shiitake mushrooms gravy”, and I really don’t care for mushrooms and I wasn’t quite hungry enough for the steak and eggs.  If you choose to head there on a weekend, I imagine the place would be packed.  

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