Slow Bone Barbecue – Dallas, TX

The first time that I visited Slow Bone was six years ago, when I was in town and went to lunch with some office mates.  But I didn’t remember that, right off the bat, when I was asked where I wanted to go for lunch.  Finishing up a meeting in Las Colinas around 2:00, we were looking for a spot for a late lunch and I found Slow Bone on my list of places to try (I, mistakenly, hadn’t marked it as having been there).  They were open until 3:00 and we were only twenty minutes away.  Seemed pretty simple, so down 35E we went.  I was thinking, as we parked that it looked familiar but was imagining that must have been somewhere else.

Being as late as we were for lunch, we didn’t have to worry about the lunch crowd, so we were able to stand and gaze at the offerings.  The meats today were plentiful – pork ribs, brisket, sausage, chicken – fried or grilled, and two others that didn’t get my attention enough to be written down.  No burnt ends, though.  One of the reviews I read mentioned their fried chicken (I wouldn’t normally have considered that), so I ordered fried chicken, along with brisket and sausage, brunswick stew (don’t always see that in Texas) and mac-n-cheese.

I do like food, in case you can’t tell.  So I often over-order.  Okay, most of the time, given the option, I over-order.  I enjoyed the brisket and the sausage a lot.  But the fried chicken was fantastic.  And then, while we were eating, one of my cohorts asked me if I liked my meal as well this time as I did the last time we came.  That was when I remembered,that I had actually been there before.  Actually six years and four days before.















IMG_5841Possibly, the most fascinating thing about the original entry (which I never published) is that  my pictures are so bad (which is why I never finished it).  Later that day, I noticed while I was looking at the pictures I took at Slow Bone how blurry they were.  So I got to my second stop, at Charlie’s, and when I went to take a photo of the ice cream and pie (the picture to the left), the first thing I did was clean the lens.    On the way back home, I realized my pictures of that meal were blurry, too.  I couldn’t figure it out.

It was a relatively new phone and I had read things about  many people having issues with the camera.  So I took it to the AT&T store to see what they thought.  The first thing he did was take my camera and reset it.  I gave him the look that I think you’re an idiot – I’ve already reset it.  His suggestion was to restore it to factory settings and reinstall all my software.  He told me that their contract with Apple wouldn’t let him open the camera so I made an appointment at the Apple Store.

Anyone not been to the Apple store?  We arrived before the appointment time.  We sat around for a bit and when the guy finally came over, he took the phone out of the case and asked what the problem was with a picture.  I explained.  He took a picture.  Then took another picture.  Then said, “it’s not your camera.”  Then he picked up my case and said, “maybe it’s the barbecue sauce on your camera lens cover?”  Oh crap.

The Slow Bone Barbeque Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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