K Hall and Sons Produce – Little Rock, AR

Continuing westward from Memphis, we got into North Little Rock, a little early for dinner, but definitely at a good time for a solid snack.  We were led to K Hall and Sons Produce, a small family-owned grocery store, by the Garden n Gun “Fried Chicken Bucket List”, so I knew why I was there.  The deli counter is in the back of the market, behind the produce and selection of canned and boxed goods.

Several folks, in the reviews, rave about the burgers and the sandwiches.  But I was there, specifically, for the fried things.  I was looking for fried chicken (they only have legs thighs and wings), but as I waited for the thighs and wings to cook, this tray of pork chops, fresh from the fryer, caught my eye.

So that’s what I took to the car (after about a fifteen minute wait for the chicken to finish frying) – a beautifully fried pork chop and a couple of pieces of chicken (and a couple of fried potatoes).

The pork chop and chicken were both excellent.  I had originally planned to just sit in the car and eat, but then my beloved pointed out this sign.

I ate on the road.  It was messy, but good.  If you go, I’d suggest eating it while parked, but please be sure not to take up more than one parking space when you drive around to the back parking lot…
K. Hall & Sons Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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