Hank’s Hamburgers – Tulsa, OK

While we were working our way toward Kansas, we rolled into Tulsa around lunch time and I consulted the list.  One of the spots on there, open for more than 60 years, is Hank’s Hamburgers.  The reference I had, and all the pictures inside, proclaim it as Waylon Jennings’ favorite burger joint.

There were several pictures of Waylon (and Jessie) adorning the walls of the front dining room.  The menu was fairly simple and posted on the wall in the front dining room.

I went with a double burger, with tots. Simply because you should order tots, whenever they are available.

While they advertise it as Waylon Jennings favorite burger, we’ll just know it as the place the owner was just rude.  There was a sign “no outside food” on the door, so, before we did so – and as we ordered, my dear wife asked if she could bring in her bread to put her burger on.  We weren’t bringing in a meal.  Or not ordering something – she intended to swap out the bun they had with the bread from the truck.  The lady (kind of) taking our order, yelled to the guy at the grill (Hank, Jr? Hank, III?) and he was quite adamant about no outside food.

I tried to explain that we were buying a burger, just changing the bread to what was in the truck.  He gave us that “can you not read?” look and I attempted to explain further.  Then, I think the light “came on” and he said, okay.  But you need to eat in the back part of the restaurant.  By that time, we were pretty sure she wasn’t eating inside, so we asked for my burger there and hers “to go”.

So we sat down (under a picture of Waylon) and waited for my burger.  I heard him ask the server, “Didn’t I tell them they needed the sit in the back?”  At that point, there was no way my burger was going to taste good…

Hank's Hamburgers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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