Hire’s Big H – Salt Lake City, UT

On our mighty, ridiculously-speedy, cross-country drive, our journey was marked in miles, states and burger joints.  We didn’t have much time for site seeing, but I did want to hit a few highlights – and the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City was one of those.  Coincidentally, there were a couple of burger joints in SLC that I wanted to try.  Hire’s Big H Burgers was one, downtown and less than a mile from the Temple.  This one came to my attention from a Zagat list of the Best Burgers in 25 Cities.  From 2013 <g>.  Arising from his family’s home / grocery store, Don Hires opened his drive-in restaurant in 1959 and we were there during the 60th anniversary celebration. 

This is an old fashioned drive-in, with carhops – to summon them, turn on your headlights, once you are parked.  We didn’t use that option, as we were eating “in” but it’s a fascinating approach for a drive-in.  I didn’t choose the local “special” either – a pastrami burger – as I had another burger joint in my sights for that. The burgers are fresh-ground and hearty and the fries (and onion rings) are served with their “fry sauce” – a mix of mayo, ketchup and who knows what else.  I was there for the Big H burger and that’s what I ordered.

And a tasty burger, it was.  A quarter pound for fresh ground chuck topped with fry sauce, lettuce and tomato on a pillow-y bun.  With fresh steak-cut fries.  A delicious, classic diner meal.

Hires Big H Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
9/21 5:30 pm

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