Dale’s BBQ – Boaz, AL

On a ridiculously hot Saturday, I decided we needed to explore a section of the “North Alabama Barbecue Trail”. Being slightly OCD, I do enjoy a good list – one that I can check things off of, as I complete them. I was guided to the existence of this list by a podcast episode of Sean of the South, where this list was a sponsor. That it was a sponsored list should have been a clue.

Looking at the list, there were two starting points, based on where we live (west of Atlanta) – Gadsden or Fort Payne. I chose the Gadsden route, and we were actually too early to start at Local Joe’s BBQ, in Rainbow City, and instead began in Boaz. As a by-product, that does leave Local Joe’s as an option on trip through Alabama, as it is fairly close to I-20.

We arrived at Dale’s BBQ, saw the porch seating, and hopped out of the truck to order our first ‘cue of the day. I will say, based solely on looks (trucks in the parking lot, old signage, covered porch out front), this place seemed promising. As we walked up, we realized that there was no way to order, except through the drive-thru. So we got back in the truck, placed our order and then decided we might as well eat in the truck, where there was AC, as opposed to dining out in the heat.

I chose the pork sandwich, which was pulled and lightly sauced. The pork itself did not have much smoke and no matter how much sauce you added, it, oddly, still remained dry. My beloved chose the bbq nachos,

without the jalapeños. It was perfectly fine, but that about all I can say. They do have a smoked bologna sandwich, but only on Fridays. I hated missing that – potentially could have redeemed the venture, particularly if it was thick-sliced and smoked well.

The bonus, with the sandwich, was the mini Moon Pie, hidden in the bottom of the bag. Onward!

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  1. […] itself comfort food, on their signage, does not portend well. Nonetheless, our second stop, after Dale’s BBQ, was to give 50 Taters a try. With two strikes against it (giant parking lot filled with vehicles […]

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