50 Taters – Scottsboro, AL

A barbecue place that advertises on the “North Alabama barbecue trail” but calls itself comfort food, on their signage, does not portend well. Nonetheless, our second stop, after Dale’s BBQ, was to give 50 Taters a try. With two strikes against it (giant parking lot filled with vehicles that were not trucks / building not made of cinder blocks with a fancier sign) we entered.

It very much resembled a Cracker Barrel (these omens were stacking up), we were seated and looked through the menu. Seeing the daily specials on the chalkboard above the table across from us, I thought that I’d try one of the specials, the pork ribeye. I’d never heard of this cut before but I do love a good ribeye.

A pork ribeye is really a center cut pork chop by another name. Very good marketing to get me to order a grilled pork chop at a “barbecue joint”. But when I looked around, very few folks were eating barbecued meats. I guess it is truly “comfort food dining”. The sides were fine, but nothing to write home (or write hear about for that matter). You might as well get your meat with barbecue sauce at that Cracker Barrel it so much resembled.

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