Emmy Squared Pizza – Atlanta, GA

The last time we were in Nashville, one place that popped up on every best burger list was Emmy Squared Pizza.  I thought it a bit odd that a burger from a pizza place was on these “best of” lists, but who would lie about such things on the Internet?  (Actually, they won Nashville’s Battle of the Burgers in 2021.)  We did not make it there on that visit, but recently I saw that two locations had opened in Atlanta (Glenwood in late 2021 and the West Midtown one in January 2022).  

Looking for a lunch spot on a Sunday afternoon I remembered Emmy, and we drove into town, parked across the street and walked over.  It was fairly empty.  Actually, it was completely empty except for one family at the bar.  We were shown to our table and reviewed the menu.  I knew I was there for a burger, but my beloved wanted something different.

She chose their caesar salad, which was a bed of hearts of romaine with an anchovy caesar dressing and sprizolina, and added the crispy chicken.  What was said nowhere on the menu was that the chicken was all chicken thighs…  This was not a win. And when we asked the server why it wasn’t mentioned on the menu, she gave us a “why-would-THAT-matter” look. Which did match the overall service experience. I did order one of the two burgers to choose from: Le Big Matt and the Emmy. 

The difference in these was the addition of caramelized onions and I would have removed them anyway, so the choice was simple.  I had le Big Matt burger (double-stacked beef patties, American cheese, their “sammy” sauce and I held the pickles). It was good, but I don’t expect to see it on Atlanta’s Best Burgers list, anytime soon. Maybe we should have had the pizza.

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