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Marietta Fish Market – Marietta, GA

We’ve eaten at other of the restaurants in the Tselios family of restaurants (Pasta Bella – I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about that place – and Casa Grande), but we have missed the three in Marietta.   Tonight, we knocked one of those off the list with Marietta Fish Market.  We were heading back […]

Bub-Ba-Q – Woodstock, GA

Bub-Ba-Q is a place that popped onto my radar with an Atlanta Magazine article from July of 2010 which, after their ranking of the top 5 BBQ places, listed the other places they had tried, by county.  This list was invaluable, providing places I had no idea about.   Now Cherokee County isn’t a place […]

Stilesboro Biscuits – Kennesaw, GA 

A few months ago, one of the fellows at a bluegrass jam mentioned that there was a Saturday morning jam at Stilesboro Biscuits.  I had never heard of the place and put it in the back of my head for later.  Several weeks later, I asked him about it again and he said that the jam […]

The Rib Ranch – Marietta, GA

I’ve driven by the Rib Ranch for at least twenty years – it’s in a really awkward spot on Canton Highway, just east of I-75 that I am fairly certain that you cannot make a left into when heading east.   Or a right out of when you’re leaving.  There was a write-up about them in […]

Dough In the Box – Marietta, GA

My buddy, David, has told me several times how good the doughnuts are at Dough In the Box, but I never seemed to be by there when they were open (Tuesday – Sunday 5:00 am – 2:30 pm).  Today, after a check up over near Cobb hospital (now that the midnight-to-appointment-time-fast was over) was the […]

The Local – Marietta, GA

Today’s adventure began with errand running in Kennesaw, which led to being in the Marietta area for lunch.  I remembered that I had seen a place on the complete opposite corner of the Square from the Butcher and the Baker that served “Breakfast and Lunch”, that I wanted to try, but I couldn’t remember the […]

Trackside Grill – Kennesaw, GA

As we were leaving church on Sunday morning, we saw my nephew and his wife in the parking lot and they mentioned that they were heading to the Big Shanty Festival in Kennesaw that afternoon.  We hadn’t heard of the festival, or planned to go, but Jo was curious and I thought that there might […]