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Talay Thai Cuisine – Duluth, GA

Talay Thai Cuisine has become part of our regular lunch time rotation.  Located in a strip mall, at the corner of Satellite Boulevard and Old Peachtree Road, they’re in a location that is about to get a BP next door.  That will make an already challenging parking situation even more complicated.  One of the guys […]

Mizumi Ramen – Duluth, GA

I spend a lot of time trying to figure out where to eat.  You know how it goes – there are a certain number of places that are in “the rotation” around your office or home, but sometimes you want something different than the usual.  That’s what led me to Mizumi Ramen.  I had seen […]

Masterpiece – Duluth, GA

Masterpiece popped onto my radar with a small blurb in Atlanta magazine (you can read it yourself – it’s the last one on the wall on the left in the picture below) last month.  It was a small article about food happenings around town and told briefly of Chef Liu’s path, starting in Atlanta at […]

Local Republic – Lawrenceville, GA

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by someone who was asking permission to use  my photo of the Red Eyed Mule’s Sloppy Jake Burger (read my review here) in an article she was writing for Thrillist.  I said “sure” and thought nothing more of it.  Then two weeks ago, someone I went to […]

Shabu Pong Dang – Duluth, GA

Lunch at Shabu Pong Dang actually began as a visit to a local meat and three (the Rexall Grill in Duluth) that ended abruptly when I walked in the door and found that the fried chicken was not on the menu board.  This led to the crisis question of “now what am I going to […]

Gordo’s New York Style Pizza – Duluth, GA

In today’s episode of dining alone, I kept driving until I saw some place “new” (to me).  There was a sign for a hot wing place that drew me into the shopping center attached to the Texaco, at the corner of Rogers Bridge and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, but found thta they didn’t open until 3:00.  […]

Currylicious – Duluth, GA

I first noticed Currylicious a little over three months ago when I visited Mama’s Paradise and saw the “Opening Soon” sign.  The catchy name, along with the “Homestyle Indian Cooking” tagline intrigued me.  Our initial visit was on a Friday, the day after they opened and they were slammed.  They have an introductory price on […]

Golden Seven – Duluth, GA

When you walk into an Asian restaurant and the Asian patronage percentage is less than 8%, that’s never the best sign about the authenticity of the food.  And when the signage on the street advertises it as a Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean Asian Grill, you wonder if it’s a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none kind of place.  But, what […]

Trigos Colombian Restaurant – Lawrenceville, GA

Today’s chorus of “looking for lunch in all the wrong places” took me up 120 toward Lawrenceville. Just about to cross 316, I saw Trigos Colombian Restaurant off to my right, made a quick left, then a u-turn and caught the light into their complex.  Trigos is located in a development that’s roughly a third […]

Cafe 49 – Duluth, GA

In another episode in what has apparently become a continuing quest for a good sandwich, today I went to Café 49.  I had eaten here several years ago, when it was called Magnolia’s on a fairly regular basis.  Inside, it hasn’t changed much since then, except there is a coat of nondescript brown paint on […]