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Over Easy – Birmingham, AL

As the road trip winds to a close, we were looking for breakfast.   I considered a smokehouse that we could see from our hotel room, but googled instead for the best breakfast in Birmingham and found Over Easy was both well rated and close by.  We pulled up to a packed restaurant, in the […]

The Hot and Hot Fish Club – Birmingham, AL

I first heard of chef Chris Hastings one day when we were having lunch at the Farmhouse at Serenbe.  Marie Nygren, the owner, was telling another table about the next chef to be featured in their weekend chef series.  She was raving about the food at Hot and Hot Fish Club and chef Hastings, who […]

Archibald’s Bar-B-Que – Northport, AL

One of the articles I saved earlier this year sent us to Northport, near Birmingham.  Most folks, when they think of ribs in this area automatically steer toward Dreamland (on a side note, please don’t judge Dreamland based on visiting the franchise locations in Georgia – do yourself a favor and drive to Tuscaloosa, or […]

Golden Rule Bar-B-Q and Grill – Irondale, AL

Back in the late 1990s, I ended up traveling to Birmingham often.  And by often, I mean a lot.   Over the course of about three years, I probably drove back and forth between Birmingham and Atlanta at least twenty times.  Every one of those times, I drove by this sign for Golden Rule Bar-B-Q […]

Country’s Barbecue – Troy, AL

For the last eight or nine years, we’ve headed toward the Redneck Riviera for Labor Day weekend where we share a house with two other families.  We’re always looking for a faster route and, about three years ago, we settled on the path that we now take: I-85 South to Waugh, AL AL80 to AL85 […]