Keller’s Hamburgers – Dallas, TX

Keller’s was the last stop on my DFW burger tour at the end of September.  When I read about them in Hamburger America, I’ll have to say they were high on my list of prospects, just based on the restaurant itself.  When I pulled up, my expectations were matched – this place was a true drive-in.  There was no “inside” at all.  Pull up under one of the awnings and turn on your blinkers when you’re ready to order, (per the sign on the front)

So I turned my blinker on and a young lady walked up and took my order.  I went with a basic cheeseburger.  While I waited, I watched the people around me.  The funniest thing was this guy next to me in a pickup.  He pulled up, about 3:30, and when the hop came up, he ordered a longneck.  Then he drank it.  Then he left.  Who in the world drives up to a restaurant at 3:30 on a Tuesday, orders a beer, drinks it and then leaves?  Apparently, the guy that parked next to me, that’s who.

So the food shows up, on a tray wrapped in wax.  Looks incredibly promising.  I open it with bated breath and what do I find?

The worst burger I ate this summer.  The meat was thin and tasteless, the bun was nothing but seeds.  I was bummed, but then I took one more look at the outside seating and it made my heart smile, just a little.
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  1. Took the kids to Keller’s recently and although It was packed on a Saturday afternoon we had the same awful experience. This place used to be good…well, 20 years ago. Guess it’s a slow slippery ride downhill if you’re not careful.

    1. Sometimes it’s not so slow.

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