The Georgia Pig, Brunswick, GA – CLOSED


On the way to a meeting, after flying into Jacksonville, I stopped off at the Georgia Pig in Brunswick, GA for some barbecue.  I had eaten there two or three years back, but I didn’t remember anything at all about the meal.  I blamed that on my memory – what I should have blamed it on was the general forgetfulness of the food.

When I see a place like this, I automatically think, “This has to be a winner.”  Nope.  Not even close.  When I went inside, there were two folks in the place: the cook – who was working hard at the pit behind the counter; and the owner – an older woman sitting at one of the inside picnic tables, talking on a cordless phone.  She was on the phone the entire time, talking about property taxes on someone’s estate.

The sign “Would you like pickles with your order”, implies that you have a choice.  Nope.  If there’s one thing I hate, it’s a pickle.  Or more precisely, pickle juice.  When it gets on your plate it ruins everything it touches.

So I ordered a half rack of ribs and a chopped pork sandwich, without a pickle.  The ribs were non-descript.  The barbecue sauce fairly weak.  The sandwich bland. And there were pickles on the sandwich.It doesn’t even look particularly good.  I know exactly why I didn’t remember eating at the GA Pig before – the food wasn’t worth remembering.
Georgia Pig on Urbanspoon

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