Joe’s Cable Car – San Francisco, CA

When I found that I had to be in Northern California for a meeting, I consulted all of my “burger sources”.  With diligent preparation, I had multiple places that I intended to hit when we were in the Bay Area.  Before we left, I looked at who was open on what days and ranked my choices. Joe’s Cable Car was the first one we hit, on Saturday.

Open since 1965, in a trailer designed to look like a cable car, Joe’s has consistently won awards as the Bay’s best burger.  We were about to find out.  We arrived around 11:30, local time, a little ahead of the lunch crowd.

We were seated in the dining room added in the early eighties, next to the original facade, which is now the wall to the kitchen.  Joe takes his burgers seriously.  And, as you can see, they are quite proud of the fact that their burger is made from ground chuck and ribeye and ground fresh daily.

Joe was actually sitting at a table across the half-wall from us, having his “daily burger” – a six ounce patty on a bed of lettuce.  In the menu, there’s a blurb from him saying that the best way to see how good his burgers are is to slice a bite off and eat it without the bun.  I intended to try that, but I simply couldn’t.

On to the steak-burgers.  You have a choice of a four, six or eight-ounce (serving weight) patty.  Jo asked our waitress what was her favorite and she suggested the country burger, with a fried egg.  She decided on that burger with a four ounce patty,

which was proclaimed to be a winner along with side of onion rings.

For me, I went with a six ounce chili cheese burger, with a side of fries:

It was excellent.  Great tasting, perfectly cooked, incredibly filling.  A great way to start a burger road trip.

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