Cheeseburger Bobby’s – Hiram, GA

Ever since the first time that we visited Cheeseburger Bobby’s, I’d written it off as a local version of a Fuddrucker’s.  But as we discussed driving to Five Guys for dinner, we remembered that a) Cheeseburger Bobby’s is closer and b) I like their french fries better, so it became our dinner destination. 

One of the first things that I noticed was the large number of kids.  One of my co-workers has frequently lamented about the price of taking his two girls to Five Guys.  They don’t have anything resembling a kid’s menu and it’s almost as expensive as feeding four adults.  Bobby’s does have a kid’s menu, and (at least at the location at which we ate) kids eat for $0.99 on Monday and Tuesday nights.   I’ll have to pass that along.

Like much of their competition, you order at a counter, then they cook your burger to order and buzz your pager (or call your number).  At Bobby’s, there is a condiment bar, not as large as Fuddrucker’s, where you can add lettuce, onion, tomato, peppers, pickles and all of your sauces.   Over the bar is a sign that reads, “Bobby’s wild about freshness.”

In a broad manner, that’s likely true.  But as we ordered, we asked about how they make their turkey burger.   They pulled it out of the freezer to show us.  Not so fresh.  I believe the same to be true of their chicken sandwich and veggie burger.

They do grind their beef and slice their potatoes fresh daily.  

I chose Bobby’s Smokehouse Burger (bacon, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce) and Jo and I split the fries.   It was good.  As we were leaving, my wife commented, “you know, that was good for what it was.”  That’s a perfect description – they don’t aspire to be more than they are.  A better alternative to fast food, for similar money.

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