Bonna Bella Yacht Club – Savannah, GA

IMG_5938Looking on UrbanSpoon for a seafood place for dinner, Bonna Bella Yacht Club appeared.  The ratings weren’t quite what I’d have liked (just under 90% positive with just under 100 reviews), but it looked like it would be a decent place to get some seafood.  We headed down into south Savannah, winding our way through neighborhoods, until the road dead-ended into their parking lot, right along the intracoastal waterway.


Looking back toward the gravel lot

The menu was straightforward (starters, salads, sandwiches and tacos – when you look on-line, plus entree specials on the real menu).  We started with some guacamole and chips,IMG_5944which were okay, but when we asked for salsa, they had none.  They rustled up some pico de gallo, but that was the best they could do.  An inauspicious start.

IMG_5946On the positive side, the evening wasn’t ridiculously hot and the view of the marshes was pleasant, as we were situated conveniently in front of this giant fan.

For dinner, Jo ordered the fish tacos, with black beans and rice.IMG_5948When they arrived, the fish tacos were as cold as could be.  We flagged the waitress down as soon as we could (they weren’t that busy, but she sure seemed to be) and she offered to have the kitchen make some more.  When they arrived, about half way through the meal, they were warm, not hot, and weren’t anything to write home about, although their menu proclaims they are “Our Specialty”.

I went with the shrimp and grits, IMG_5949which were three grit cakes, with nine or ten one-bite shrimp with chunks of andouille sausage in the sauce.  Overall my dinner was fine, but we were, at best, underwhelmed.

In general, I wouldn’t recommend the place, but I imagine that it would be:

  • a good location for a party (there was one going on under a big tent to the left of the main building when we arrived); and
  • that one day it was something.

I talked to a couple of folks the next day who told me that they hadn’t been in four or five years and it wasn’t what it used to be on those visits.  But back in the day….

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  1. […] figured after the culinary misstep at Bella Bonna, I would try shrimp and grits again. I was excited that the veggie of the day was lima beans […]

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