I stand corrected about Whataburger

In a earlier post about Five Guys, I commented that there were three great chains in this country, all that used fresh ground beef – Five Guys, Steak N Shake and In-N-Out, further commenting:

“My friends would contend that Whataburger belongs there, but I disagree as I don’t believe they make their burgers out of fresh ground beef – the prime non-taste related criteria for moving from good to great.”

I stand corrected, Whataburger does indeed use fresh, never frozen, beef according to the press release referenced here (forwarded by a friend from Texas).  That being said, they are no longer excluded from the top three chains in the country because of that reason.  I do still prefer the other three, each for different reasons, at least two of which are french fry related.


  1. John Bryan · · Reply

    Steak and Shake made me the man I am today. The original one was in Normal Illinois, just blocks from my house. Inn n Out has kept me the man I am today. Five Guys was amazing, but I had to stop going there because it’s a crack house for compulsive overeaters. Whataburger….I do not know of this thing.

    1. John – Whataburger is a Texas based chain – you’ve likely seen their orange and white A frame buildings along the freeway if you’ve driven across Texas or the middle mid west.

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