Rusty Pig Barbecue – Glenn, GA

20131117-113700.jpgOn the journey to south Georgia that brought us to the fabulous sign in my header (at the Dairy Ranch in Jesup), my original plan was to eat at the Rusty Pig in  Glennville.  I won’t recant the challenge here, but as you can read in that review, we couldn’t find it.  As we were heading to Hinesville on Monday evening, for an Army homecoming, we actually passed by the Rusty Pig on the way down US 25 – and I made a note for the return home the next day.  We left shortly after eating breakfast on Tuesday morning, and weren’t ready for lunch when we got to Glennville.  But I did have just enough room for a sandwich.

I walked in and noticed that they had a barbecue pork hoagie on the menu.  Intrigued, I asked the young lady behind the counter how it was and she said that she had no idea – she hadn’t tried it.  So, instead, I ordered a barbecue sandwich to go, gave them my name and waited.

20131117-113719.jpgI saw that they had two sauces on the tables, a “Honey-Do” (sweet honey- and tomato-based sauce) and “Rusty’s Red” (traditional thin, spicier tomato-based sauce).  I poured a dab of each onto my finger and decided that I liked the Honey Do sauce best and planned to put some on my sandwich. 

I walked around the restaurant and noticed their large selection of taxidermy creatures (none of which were on their menu) – at least fifteen deers and a couple of turkey presentations.  Is there some connection between killing deer and eating barbecue?  Why does no one stuff a pig or a cow in a barbecue restaurant?  There at least appears to be a cause-and-effect relationship.
About ten minutes later, my barbecue sandwich arrived.  I opened the styrofoam container at one of the tables and tasted the pork.  It had good smokiness and was very moist.  I poured some of the Honey-Do sauce on it, closed the container, grabbed a stack of napkins and headed to the car.
I ate this sandwich most of the way to I-16, picking the pork off the sandwich with my hands, as opposed to eating it like a sandwich.  It was good.  And I wasn’t really even hungry…

As I was walking out, I saw this interesting machine near the door.
I had never seen one of these before, but, apparently, it’s a mix-your-own milkshake machine.  I’ve tried to google info, but keep getting hits about the Shake Shack chain out of NYC, so I can’t share anymore about it.  Next time through, I know how to get there and I may have to try that shake with my meal.

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  1. Kay Wilson · · Reply

    Nice and clean. I absolutely love their fries.

    1. I’ve not had their fries. Are they double fried like Twin Oaks over in Brunswick? That seems to be a (really good) thing in that part of the state.

  2. that’s the same machine that QT uses for milkshakes – pretty horrible

  3. bongostella · · Reply you type in f’real (the name on the machine) you will find it. They have these or something similar at Quik Trip.

    1. Being somewhat obtuse, I never saw the F’Real until looking back at the picture, after you replied. If it was a snake….

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