Cosmopolitan Restaurant – Marietta, GA

20131229-145155.jpgWhen I was searching OpenTable for restaurant reservations, and a place on Delk Road popped up, I was intrigued.  I couldn’t think of a single restaurant that was there, except for where Spaghetti Warehouse used to be.  When we followed the GPS into the parking lot shortly after noon, I realized that’s exactly where we were.  Open for five months, Cosmopolitan Restaurant resembles an upscale sports bar.

20131229-145438.jpgIt was fully decorated for Christmas when we arrived and we were greeted at the door by the hostess, beckoning us in out of the rain.  There were a few tables with parties seated at them, but it was fairly empty.   The brunch menu was large (breakfast – including multiple omelets and eggs benedicts, soups, salads, burgers, wraps, sandwiches and entrees), comprised of more than fifty items.  I’m always concerned with menu that large that they’ll be a “jack of all trades, master of none” joint, in effect, an upscale (read: more expensive) IHOP or Denny’s. 

Our server said that she had been there about three months and when we asked for recommendations, she gave several – the greek omelete, the mushroom risotto and the mac-n-cheese, but neither of the entrees struck us.  I did appreciate thath she didn’t tell us “everything” was good – that’s the kiss of death to me, when spoken by a server.  Jo had the black bean veggie burger with roasted red peppers, guacamole and turkey bacon (finding the turkey bacon on the menu was a pleasant surprise), with a side of fries.  The fries appeared to be frozen shoestrings, but the veggieburger, itself, was freshly  made and very good.

20131229-145550.jpgI chose the Cosmo 50/50 burger – a mix of ground beef and ground chorizo with roasted red peppers and a churrasco sauce (I held the grilled onions), with the mac-n-cheese on the side.  The server said that the mac-n-chsses was “very cheesy” an she didn’t lie, in the least.

20131229-145800.jpgThe burger was strong on chorizo and I originally tried it with the roasted red peppers.  I’m not a huge fan of peppers, but I thought if the chef believed that they added to the mix, I should give it a try.  I did not agree.  I did add bacon (which was not turkey bacon and was extremely salty) and cheddar.  The burger was okay, but the chorizo taste was over-whelming and I think I would have preferred the classic beef burger.

We were seated right by the dessert display and they were, at first, tempting.  But the more closely we looked at them, the less appealing they appeared.  We passed on dessert.

20131229-145940.jpgIf you happen to be in the area, dining there would be fine, but I wouldn’t drive any distance to get there again, just for the meal.  And, honestly, if I was that close to Tasty China, I’d have a hard time planning to eat anywhere else.
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