Saigon Cafe – Duluth, GA

20140114-211110.jpgAs I was down near Gwinnett Place mall and there’s such a plethora of restaurants nearby, I chose to ask someone who worked in the area where the best local place was.  They recommended three – one of which I had been to, Honey Pig.  I had heard of one other (What the Pho?, a name I love) and another place, that very close, Saigon Café.  Since it was the closest, that was where I decided to have lunch.

20140114-211128.jpgWalking into the restaurant, I was reminded of the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disney World – the inside was decorated like you were in a hut somewhere in Southeast Asia.  They serve Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese food, with menu that has multiple options.  I asked the server for an opinion.  In turn, she asked me if I liked spicy food and, predicated on my affirmation, recommended the Penang chicken curry, as she pointed to a picture.  It looked tasty , so I went with it.

While she was away I googled to see what Penang Curry was, and found that it is a mild type of Thai curry that most often is roasted with coconut milk to make a thick creamy sauce.

When it arrived, with a side of white rice, it smelled excellent.  I began dipping sauce with a spoon into the rice, and picking the chicken away from the peppers.  The sauce was thick enough that when adding it to the rice, it clumped easily, which made it easy to eat rice and chicken with chopsticks.  The dish was fairly sweet and slightly hot and, overall, very pleasing, particularly after I added sriracha.

The only downside? Lunch was a little over nine dollars with only water to drink.
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