Yellow Jackets Hot Dogs – Ellenwood, GA

20140219-084856.jpgIn the continuing search for the elusive “genuine” yellow jacket hot dog, I’m generally willing to drive all over the place.  Today’s adventure, as we started towards Savannah, took us through Ellenwood in Henry County. And it took us to another place that came from the google search that stemmed from the discussion that led me to the Olympic Flame – Yellow Jackets Hot Dogs.  Opened since 1992, it is a place where a Tech fan can feel at home – everything is white and gold and there’s not a UGA sign in sight.

20140219-090229.jpgThe hot dogs were fairly cheap (that was a good start) – so I ordered two chili dogs and a side of fries and my dear ordered a chili slaw dog and a side of onion rings.

20140219-090250.jpgThe fries were rather bland, but the onion rings got rave reviews.  And I did enjoy the chili on the dogs.  In fact, if the hot dogs had been anything other than boiled (pan-fried, grilled, on the griddle – anything), and anything close to warm, it would have made a great chili dog.  As I finished up my chili dogs, looking over my shoulder I saw the sign about fried apple and peach pies.  I was immediately glad that I’d only eaten two chili dogs,20140219-090311.jpginstead of three, and had just a bit of room left over.  I stepped back up to the counter and saw that there were only two pies left in the window to my left.  I imagine that they make them in batches and it was nearing the end of this batch.  I’d love to be there and catch one straight out of the fryer.

20140219-090332.jpgEven though it was made with Del Monte canned apples (or peaches), it was very good.  And I was highly impressed by the crust of this pie – it was absolutely delicious.  It reminded me of the crust on my grandmother’s pies, which I haven’t had in almost 40 years.  Most fried pies you get these days resemble those at the Varsity, with a thick crust that looks like the skin on fried chicken.  But this appeared to be like biscuit dough, pan fried, as she made them, and tasted heavenly.  So the chili dogs weren’t the greatest, but I’d definitely go back for the fried pies.
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    What is the definition of a genuine yellow jacket hot dog?

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