Revolution Doughnuts & Coffee – Decatur, GA


Revolution Doughnuts and Coffee just turned two on National Doughnut Day, according to the “Happy Second Birthday to Us” banner in the restaurant, and we just made it there?  Seriously?  One of my buddies has been talking about them for months.  Maybe more than a year, but we never seemed to be in Decatur before mid-afternoon, and I heard that they frequently sell out of certain doughnuts by then.  Today, after a hike at Stone Mountain and some barbecue, I realized that we could stop off at Revolution for dessert and we stayed on 278 as we reached the Perimeter, instead of heading for home.  In this great space, there’s plenty of seating, including a counter with stools looking out the window to the right of the front door and some tables on the sidewalk looking, across the tracks, towards Decatur.   The kitchen is in the back, fronted by the sales counter which houses the beautiful display case below.


Walking up to the display, we were confronted by the choices (except for my friend’s favorite, the salted caramel-bacon, which they were out of at the moment we were there).  Their stated mission is to make hand-crafted food, making all of their doughs, filling and glazes from scratch.  These are artisan doughnuts, and they are works of art.  After deliberation, we chose a peach slider and a pistachio-orange doughnut.


The pistachio-orange belonged to my beloved and she said that it was good, but very heavy.  I can see the categorization of “heavy” – these beauties are the antithesis of the airy lightness of a Krispy Kreme, where you can eat a dozen before you know it.   At Revolution, one doughnut – ONE – can be filling.  I chose the peach slider, a yeast-raised round doughnut, sliced in half, filled with fresh Georgia peaches.


This just may be the most delectable picture I’ve taken this year – and it doesn’t really do the doughnut justice.  Their description of the doughnut, itself, is simple: Fluffy, puffy, cloud-like dough with a bit of chew. Mixed, kneaded, and proofed before being rolled and cut by hand. 

And then they added fresh peaches to it.  It was glorious. 

We also took an apple fritter home (I was having a hard time deciding between the two – you can see one in the middle of the picture of the display case) to share for later, that was easily as good as the doughnuts.  I’ll be looking for a reason to return.

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  1. […] had a business meeting at the office with a client in from out of town.  I had wanted to swing by Revolution Doughnuts, (it was my birthday) to show off some of the uniqueness of our city, but I had also wanted to try […]

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