Lure – Atlanta, GA


On this Saturday we were looking for some place new for lunch and made our choice based on a combination of availability of reservations and OpenTable ratings.  Lure was in the first 10, rating-wise, and had a spot available, so it was decided.  We arrived around 1:30 to find the valet missing.  We waited a couple of minutes for him to appear, then pulled down the hill to the pay lot.  I hate paying for parking, but the sign in the lot stated $3.00 / hour or $5.00 / all day – not bad for midtown.  But when I went to pay at the box and it was $5.00 / hour or $10.00 / day, but I was already out of the car….. And then we saw the valet as we walked back up the hill.

Oh, well.  Lure is part of the Fifth Group of restaurants who also own La Tavola and South City Kitchen, among others.  After looking on-line,  I was really excited about the whole grilled trout on the lunch (and dinner) menu.  Everyone was raving about how good this dish was on urban spoon and yelp, in addition to the OpenTable reviews.  We had even discussed it on Friday night.  We chose inside seating (after being given an option , but it was 90 and kind of muggy with little shade on their patio) and were seated at a table looking back on the bar.


I don’t know why I was even looking at the menu, because I knew what  I was having, but I took a glance at the other options.  And the trout wasn’t on the menu.  You see, we were there for brunch, and they weren’t serving lunch.  I had to re-think my plans completely.   Jo ordered the fried North Carolina catfish biscuit, with the addition of a fried egg and cole slaw, with a side of hash browns.   This was a hearty-looking breakfast sandwich.  


The catfish received rave reviews and, according to my beloved, the addition of the slaw and fried egg really made this biscuit.  Since they didn’t have the whole grilled trout, we did order a grilled trout filet (that they have on the brunch menu as a side) to share and it was well prepared – moist, flaky and flavorful.


I ordered the hickory smoked brisket sandwich, which was very smoky and rich and covered in crispy onion strings, which Jo really enjoyed added to the trout.



Overall, it was a very good lunch.  I guess that I’ll have to go back for the whole grilled trout.

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