El Taco Veloz – Sandy Springs, GA

Looking for a quick bite on Thursday as I headed around the top-end perimeter, I jumped off at Roswell Road, certain I’d find something.   And I did – local chain El Taco Veloz.  They have five locations in the metro area and one in Gainesville.  Just south of 285, this location is near the Target, underneath the running taco sign above.   I arrived about 6:30and it was fairly empty (as you can see below), so I studied the menu above the counter and contemplated my choice.  

The menu is full-on taqueria: 

  • desayunos (breakfast); 
  • nachos; 
  • burritos (regular, super and especiales – adding more ingredients with each step up; 
  • tortas (sandwiches); 
  • tamales
  • tacos and 
  • plates. 

With most every kind of meat you could want – barbacoa (shredded beef), lengua (beef tongue), chicken, pastor-style pork, chorizo and carne asada (grilled steak).  I settled on a carne asada burrito especial, with no lettuce, and a chicken tamale.

This was an excellent burrito – huge, hot and full of flavor.   I had picked up a cup of verde sauce and one of the hot salsa from the salsa bar and, combined, they added quite a kick to each bite.  This was one of the best burritos I’ve had in Atlanta.  

And they even have a drive-thru:

What a great find!  Tasty and speedy – imagine Moe’s, if it was authentically Mexican.  And the food was better.  And nobody yelled at you.  Seriously tasty, reasonable, authentic Mexican food.  

El Taco Veloz Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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