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El Pinto – Albuquerque, NM

For our first meal on this road trip, before leaving, I googled for the best New Mexican restaurants in Albuquerque.  One name was at or near the top of several lists and I confirmed it with the visitor center guy / gal at the airport – El Pinto Restaurant.  Located in the North Valley, we […]

El Rey Del Taco – Doraville, GA

On this Saturday of wandering around town, we found ourselves on the northern perimeter as my stomach began to rumble.  I had just seen an article on Eater Atlanta about the best tacos in town and remembered that we were near El Ray Del Taco and the destination was set.   Their al pastor tacos […]

La Oaxaquena Tacqueria- Jonesboro, GA

La Oaxaquena Tacqueria has been on my “list” since the original paper list that was in the trunk of my car, back in 2006.  But Jonesboro is just not a place that we often get to.  Today, while we were wandering around on the south side of Atlanta, I declared (silently, to myself, in case […]

Superica – Atlanta, GA

Sitting at home, watching NCAA conference championship weekend, the subject of lunch came up.  I mentioned the excellent chicken tacos my love had enjoyed at El Felix last weekend and that we could get the same things at Superica in about half an hour.  (Superica is Ford Fry’s newest Tex-Mex restaurant, in Krog Street Market, […]

The El Felix – Alpharetta, GA

With all of the buzz that Superica has gotten in the last week with its opening, I thought we needed to try Ford Fry’s earlier Mex-Tex offering in Atlanta, the El Felix.  Located in the yuppy haven of Avalon in Alpharetta (think an outdoor shopping mall out of the Truman show, populated with upscale rednecks), […]

Big Sky Buckhead – Atlanta, GA

One of the signs of a good meal is that while you’re eating it, you’re already thinking about who you can bring back.  That’s what happened today, at lunch, at Big Sky Buckhead.  Halfway through the meal, we were talking about a return trip and who we should bring with us.  I have had Big […]

Huey Luey’s – Hiram, GA

About once a month, or more frequently, we end up at Huey Luey’s Fine Mexican Food, in Hiram.  This has been an going affair for the last three or four years.  I, honestly, couldn’t believe that I hadn’t written a post about this place.   There is so much that is not like a standard strip-mall […]

Cinco Mexican Cantina – Suwanee, GA

It was an unusual lonewolf Monday as I set out for lunch today.  On most Mondays I have at least someone else in the office to dine with.  So I headed up towards Suwanee looking to see what I might find.  I found Cinco Mexican Cantina (part of a local four location chain in North […]

Trigos Colombian Restaurant – Lawrenceville, GA

Today’s chorus of “looking for lunch in all the wrong places” took me up 120 toward Lawrenceville. Just about to cross 316, I saw Trigos Colombian Restaurant off to my right, made a quick left, then a u-turn and caught the light into their complex.  Trigos is located in a development that’s roughly a third […]

Don Pedro – Norcross, GA

On another lone-wolf Wednesday, my quest for food took me south on Buford Highway.  As I was driving and looking for a place, I recalled having seen Don Pedro (Real Mexican Food) about two weeks ago, while going elsewhere, and the parking lot was absolutely packed.  And packed with trucks (that’s always a good sign).  […]